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CO-FOUNDER & PRESIDENT - $200,000+ (Silicon Valley / Palo Alto / San Francisco)

We are seeking an exceptional Co-Founder & President to jumpstart one of our new companies we are ready to launch. This is a true career opportunity with significant equity, income and upward advancement.

Company Description.
Go to any web site and PlugMeIn instantly reveals all executives at that company along with their emails and full contact info. It also works in LinkedIn (goodbye to unreliable InMails), GMail/webmail, and Outlook plus full CRM integration (like Jigsaw meets Xobni meets Rapportive in one).

- Raising angel and venture capital to grow the business.
- Creating key distribution and sales partnerships to drive revenue.
- Directly selling to key accounts for initial revenue.
- Presenting in startup and other contests to build exposure.
- Once initial sales targets reached, hire a sales team to drive revenue further.
- Once ready to be self-reliant, hiring of support, product planning, IT and HR staff.

- Substantial direct experience leading product launches or growth, either in marketing, business development, sales management, or a founding leader.
- Strong team building and management experience.
- Deep knowledge of tech startups or one of the spaces/company sectors described above.
- Leadership personality with strong oral and presentation skills.

This is a heavy upside compensation plan so only successful executives and entrepreneurs with lasting power should apply (would be wholly inappropriate for those with little success living between paychecks who need an immediate base salary to apply so please do not). We are targeting the Co-Founding President to own about 25% of the company at the three year mark with vesting accelerators based on key benchmarks. The compensation plan* is split among five (5) components as follows:

1. Share of Revenue. 25% of own net sales and 10% of your reps' net sales in the first year and scaling down as revenue grows to not exceed $300K/year.
2. Stock Earn-In. 8% of current shares per year with a target of around 25% ownership of current shares at the three year mark.
3. Base Earn-In. There is no upfront base (true co-founder) but once revenue reaches a certain level you may elect to reduce your share of revenue in lieu of a base salary to not exceed $200K/year.
4. Dividends. Once profitability is reached you would quality for dividends according to your company ownership at that time.
5. Exit Payout. We would target an exit in the 3-5 year mark for around $20M so if you earned your shares and no additional stock issued then your payout would be $5 million.

*The above is not a compensation offer, all aspects of the compensation plan will be governed by the actual written compensation and shareholder agreements.

Silicon Valley / Palo Alto / San Francisco - We will provide a modern, well-equipped office in an agreed location amenable to hiring the core team over time.

To Apply.
Send your resume in confidence to hr [at] (no calls please).

Keywords: President, Chairman, CEO, Chief Executive Officer, VP of Marketing, VP of Sales, Director of Marketing, Director of Sales, Director of Corporate Development, Tech Startup, Founder, Technology, San Francisco, San Jose, Palo Alto, Stanford, San Mateo, Cupertino, Menlo Park, Redwood City, Mountainview, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara California CA.

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"I like the functionality, completeness and how it fits into normal workflow."

Ray Robidoux, Past President


"Excellent system to create dedicated lists."

Datta Nadkarni, Dir. Business Dev
Philips Electronics


"It works, it's easy, it saves time."

Al Diaz, Sr. Operations Lead