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Who We Are!

CEO Ventures manages an angel fund focused on backing extraordinary founders that have the vision and abilities to build great companies.

CEO Ventures is first and foremost an organization of successful CEOs and Thought Leaders who enjoy being involved with and building great companies. We have a wonderful team of professionals dedicated to helping exceptional tech entrepreneurs start, grow and exit new companies with rapid growth potential.

CEO Ventures Angel Fund

We manage an angel fund focused on startups and seed opportunities. The emphasis is on B2B Software as a Service (SaaS) startups and spinouts. Fund I is now fully invested and we are managing the portfolio companies.

Our Focus

Our Focus

We focus on a "Best of the Best" approach: Seed Stage companies which have historically yielded among the highest returns, and Software as a Service (SaaS) business software such as which is projected to remain the fastest growing sector of technology. Clients of SaaS providers avoid expensive IT Department support, intallation, servers, hardware, and SaaS is projected to continue gaining market share.

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Examples of Our Repeatable Processes

We are frequently asked how we have built one of the best track records of any Angel or Venture firm in getting the startups we invest in to cash flow positive. We use a number of key, repeatable process such as:

Better Picks.

Most venture firms cannot justify the cost of measuring likely demand before making an investment due to the market research expense (often $100K-250K per product) so they settle for just internal research/experience or just a handful of people they consider industry experts (neither accurately reflects end-buyer demand). We own a survey company in our portfolio (, in fact the same one that most major buyer research organizations like Gartner and IDG use to gather demand data before they write their reports, which enables us to quickly reach out to hundreds or thousands of potential buyers (ie. CIOs, CFOs, COOs, etc) for their direct input on whether they would buy, pricing input, timing of their decisions, budget, and key decision factors. This gives us a big edge in ferreting out which companies and new products will most likely generate realizable demand before we make the investment.

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Faster Market Traction.

Most startups fail from an inability to get market traction than all other risk factors combined. We built a Market Acceleration Center to greatly increase the odds of achieving market traction, plus we own a lead gen company in our portfolio ( which enables us to flood a new company with inbound, pre-qualified, interested prospects. This accelerates early traction at a much lower cost than other companies who usually dilute themselves further with an A-Round that burns up the majority of additional funds on marketing, prospecting, & outbound sales activities at great expense.

Better Accountability.

Most venture firms manage from afar (board meetings, calls in between, and occasion meetings on specific topics) which is simply inadequate at the angel/seed stage where weekly monitoring and more frequent involvement is needed. We have gone so far as even building our own strategy execution system to monitor all key success factors and deliverables ( This ensure that every person in every one of our portfolio companies knows their exact responsibilities and their weekly deliverables. TeamEx enables us and our portfolio Presidents to spot problems far earlier and make changes before these problems negatively impact monthly financials or key milestones.

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Higher Diversification.

While seed/angel investing has historically yielded some of the highest returns of any asset class as a category, most startups fail or yield a neutral return so it is vital to make a sufficient number of investments to increase the odds of owning one or more "outliers" that generate a 10X or higher return. Many seed/angel investors have stakes in just a handful of startups at a time where the odds are simply too low (they would be better served playing the lottery). A large and diverse portfolio is vital to consistent returns and our investors are further aided by an outstanding team of Advisors and Fellows,

Become Part of Our Team

All CEO Ventures team members are problem solvers who care deeply about entrepreneurs, and who want things to happen. They are people capable of helping entrepreneurs work through the tough issues and choices that are at the heart of every growth opportunity. We select people who share our aspiration to create new kinds of firms, where leading-edge intellectual content combines with a diverse array of human, technical, and financial assets helps the entrepreneurs we invest in grow and win.


Example Portfolio Companies

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  • BizCollections - Business A/R collection technology.
  • FieldCast - Salesforce Field Training system. (SaaS).
  • HiringSpring - Executive candidate sourcing.
  • LoudJob - Job broadcasting system.
  • MarketIntel - Market research report library.
  • PR Watchdog - Online Reputation Management system (SaaS).


  • eTrain - Corporate eLearning System (Exited).
  • ExecBooks - Audiobooks to Phones/iPods (Exited)

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Learn about our Team, Executive Opportunities, Advisory Board, and the benefits of involvement.