The Interviewing System for Better Hires

Critical Fit is an online system that enables you and your managers
to interview candidates like experts in under 5 minutes. Transform HR from a facilitator to an enabler of company excellence.
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  • Hire Better Employees
  • Reduce Legal Risks
  • Lower Turnover
  • Cut Hiring Costs
  • Reduce Time of Traditional Hiring Process

    Streamline coordination efforts with the hiring team and shorten the traditional hiring process with Critical Fit's key screening questions, candidate comparison reports and reference checking insight.

    Critical Fit helps to avoid potential lawsuit exposure by giving you
    control of questions asked by all the various hiring managers throughout your company. The collaborative environment facilitates convenient sharing of notes and interview results between managers and HR to expedite the process.

    What Our Clients Say:
    "Excellent competency based questions, reduces preparation time, and provides a good method of comparing candidates
    and ultimately reaching a decision."

                      - Lynn Bisset, HR Partner
                        First Group PLC

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