Critical Fit Reporting Features

Better Questions & Better Insight

Critical Fit enables you to effortlessly cut through candidate replies to determine just how good they are in the key competencies they need to succeed in the position.

Better Candidate Comparisons

Compare candidate competencies by individual or by group.
Efficiently share your notations with other interviewers.
Automatic analyses of competency provides valuable insight about potential candidates, and if hired, CriticalFit will suggest what environment and training might be needed to ensure candidate’s success.

Selected Screen Shots and Reports:
Example Competency Comparisons of Candidates [Group/Individual]
Example Question Comparisons of Candidates [Group/Individual]
Example Questions to Select Based on Competencies
Example Job Template

It's A Fact:

Behavioral interviewing is reported to
be 55% predictive of future job performance, while traditional interviewing is only 10% predictive.
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