Critical Fit Demo

The Critical Fit demo, will quickly guide you through the key features in just minutes. The four key areas include:

1. INTERVIEW (Brilliant Interview Execution):
Choose a new or existing interview template, add Competency Categories with built-in Behavioral-based questions, add Custom Questions, adjust the points and sequence, then preview the final. We can customize the question selection to fit your organization.

2. COMPARE (Better Candidate Comparisons):
Compare candidates individually or in groups by competencies or by questions. Efficiently share your notations with other interviewers. Enjoy automatic analyses of competency that provides valuable insight about candidates, and if hired, what environment and training might be needed to ensure success.

3. REFERENCES INSIGHT (Deeper, Customer Reference Planning):
This is where you can add references, and CriticalFit will create a custom interview questionnaire for contacting those individuals. Reference reports by competency and questions add increased measures to evaluate candidates for a good fit. Then, using collaborative tools, select the best candidate focusing on key competencies framework shared by all stakeholders.

4. WRAP UP (and Future Mining):
Clear the deck of candidates and send decline letters automatically. You can also securely bank interviews and candidates for future reference.

View Powerpoint Only (no audio for slow connections).
15-Minute Tutorial Also Available

Brilliant Interview Insight

  • Recommended interview questions based on competencies
  • In-person or Phone Guide Ensures Deep Insight
  • Behavior-based questions recommended by experts
  • Tips on key things to look for in the candidate's response
  • Ability to score the response, and make notations
  • Instantly shareable for collaborative selection of the best candidate

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