In a current contract? No worries...GoPresent is an affordable add-on for sales teams to do presentations on the fly. No downloads, no hassles.

Tailored for Sales Pros

We are not a web conference system. We are a sales presentation system. If you are currently using a web conference system, please continue to do so. GoPresent is the perfect add-on for truly instant sales presentations.

  • Works instantly everytime.
  • Far easier to launch- no lost emails or invitation codes.
  • No mobile apps or downloads needed.
  • Launches from your own site.
  • Interactive voting feature helps you identify the key decision criteria needed to close sales.
  • Focus on presenting, not fumbling with viewer connection issues.
  • Auto-reporting of sales performance - know who presented, how often, how well, and each prospect's feedback.
  • Accessible from anywhere - present or view from any smartphone.
  • Easy navigation and flow of the presentation.
  • Managers and reps can easily share presentations.
  • Live web demo capabilities.
  • Secure platform with unique password capability.

"What I liked most was the ease of accessing the presentation. Plus, the smartphone capabilities are critical! Kudos for the logical integration for this feature. GoPresent
is far and away THE preferred system on my short list."

Brandon Lagana - Dir of Marketing, Career Services
Northern Illinois University

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