GoPresent Testimonials

"I found to be an easy and intuitive vehicle to present and use."
- William Mitchell, Senior Sales Director, CNN.

"Faster than Glance, GoToMeeting or WebEx."
- Benoy Tamang, CEO, ShoppingNanny.

"I really like GoPresent. The interface overall is much easier and more smooth than GoToMeeting. GoTo Meeting always acts odd, disconnects me."
- Bruce Hammer, National Sales Manager, DonorBase.

"GoPresent is immediate and easy to bring a prospect into a presentation with little to no delay. Webex and Gotomeeting are clunky, require downloads. and lack quick launch for your guests."
- David Mason, Dir. Business Development, SalesStaff.

"I loved the product. I give presentation (seminars) all of the time. Your product seemed to be easier to use."
- James Karl, VP Sales, Iron Mountain.

"By far the easiest to my opinion better than Interwise, Adobe Connect or WebEX by a long shot (and I have used them all)."
- Joe Trifoglio, ZipRealty.

"Quick access for clients to view a presentation. This was the first big attraction for me since some folks are not tech savvy."
- Richard Eaton, Consultant.

"I reeeeally like the link I've put on my website that allows access to goPresent and I like that it's speedy!"
- Kim Cruise, Applied Measurement & Control.

"No download required by the viewers, novel and easy commenting system."
- Todd Federman, North Coast Angel Fund.

"Ease of use. I have used many competitors offerings and always found them to be way too complicated."
- Mark Schultz.

"GoPresent is easy to run and use from your PC or mobile device. It does not require downloading of software and works quickly."
- Michael Rivas, Supervisor, NHRMA Mutual.

"You don't have to deal with downloading client software which helps deal with the problems of company firewalls."
- Henry Gregor, President, StrategicVisions.

"I liked the system a lot; it was easy to use right away; functionality was good; feedback mechanism was great; got good feedback from participants."
- Oscar Moralez, Managing Partner, StepStone.

"The reporting capabilities business value is huge."
- Benoy Tamang, CEO, ShoppingNanny.

"Interactive voting and comments are a great feature for getting clients involved with what you are trying to communicate and really improve presentations."
- Richard Eaton, Consultant.

"Awesome and the market is badly in need of a better solution."
- Bruce Hammer, National Sales Manager, DonorBase.

"Attendees participate easily without any setup or downloading."
- Sean Corrigan, Rep, Corrigan Group.

"GoPresent's ability to launch immediately with anyone who has a web connection is its biggest selling feature."
- David Mason, Dir. Business Development, SalesStaff.

"Being completely web-based has obvious advantages!"
- Adam Roth, CEO, StreamLink.

"It was truly web based and required no client downloads, big plus in my book."
- Joe Trifoglio, ZipRealty.

"Easily accessible, very user friendly, I can't think of any improvements."
- Debra Danield, Dir. Org.Dev., Attends.

"GoPresent is a great platform."
- Tom Sahn, CEO, Docusaas.

"GoPresent is a great idea."
- Doug Bayliss, VP Marketing, Apartment Services, Inc.

"I like the ease and control."
- George Rogerson, EVP-Biz.Dev., Cellfish Media.

"The link on my website to have attendees access the on-line meeting is great."
- Sean Corrigan, Rep, Corrigan Group.

"I love the ease of using the system both from the presenters side and the attendees."
- Stephanie Jackson, AVP, Gwinnett Federal Credit Union.

"I found the speed at which GoPresent connects to be extremely intriguing. Speed is one of our primary concerns."
- Tim Howard, Systems Resource Mgr for PDP Global


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