1. Less Prospect Hassle 2. Deep Sales Insight 3. Sales Performance Reports 4. Accessible From Anywhere 5. Auto Scheduler

1) Less Prospect Hassle When it Absolutely, Positively Must Work Quickly.

FACT: 95% of phone sales calls are NOT by appointment. GoPresent is the ONLY viable system to quickly show your presentation. All the others are completely impractical for quickly showing a presentation when you land a prospect on the phone. For the others you are forced to put the prospect on hold while you generate their invite code, several more minutes to send and receive the email, plus setup time illustrated in the video below (impractical, few prospects would ever put up with that). With the other systems you are literally forced to pre-schedule an appointment which is much harder to arrange and results in both lost opportunities and sales.

Click "Play" below to watch a race between systems and what your prospects go through.
Note: Does not include time spent on email invitations, downloads and plugins that are required for
other systems which can add an additional 4-10 mins more for total set up time.

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