What Others Say About AngelPool.
"This was the fastest money I ever got."
 - Maria Maccecchini, Founder, QRPharma

"I would not hesitate recommending AngelPool to other entrepreneurs."
 - Chuck Birchall, Founder, Patient Provider Communications

"I thought the call was more crisply organized and paced than the live angel presentations we are more used to."
 - Amitav Misra, Founder, CricketTrailer

"what you are doing with AngelPool is just fantastic! You are taking your time to help people like me who are in need of introduction to the right people for funding."
 - Jim Grady, Founder, Gift-Give

"I found the call tremendously well organized...it's a good exercise to go through!"
 - Michael Ibrahim, Founder, Zypsee

"Great format, great pace, nicely done!!! I was actually hesitant on doing a phone pitch, however you have this nailed down tightly and the feedback is actionable."
 - James Ross, Founder, HedgeChatter

"I would like to thank you for all the effort and organization of AngelPool. This is awesome!"
 - Arnaud Saint-Paul, Founder, Smartsy

"I found it to be very productive and useful. I especially appreciate the feedback. I certainly would recommend the process to other start-ups."
 - Michael Daley, Founder, OrthogenRx

"Thanks so much for sharing the feedback provided by the Angels. This is very helpful."
 - Abhishek Poddar, Founder, Rentzeal

"Thank you again for this opportunity to speak...I'm sure it takes a lot of time, I want you to know it is appreciated!"
  - Jody Fennell, AbundantCloset.com

"We are actively pursuing 2 deals that were introduced to us by Angelpool."
  - Ray Wenig, Ariel Savannah Angel Partners

"These are great! Thank you."
  - Julie Gulla, Portland Angel Network

"Excellent program!"
  - Martin Tilson, Southeast Investment Group

"Congratulations to the originators of the concept."
  - Tim O'Shea, OXO Capital

"You run a great show!"
  - Graham Lawlor, Ultra Light Startups

"I really like the model!"
  - Mark Iwanowski, Past CIO, Oracle

"I enjoyed being part of it."
  - Rachael Qualls, Angel Capital Group

"I continue to be intrigued by your approach to rolling up the Angel deal flow."
  - David Wu, Redpoint Ventures

"I remain quite impressed with the concept you have developed!"
  - David Heer, Acacia Venture Partners

"I like what you are doing and think there is a big opportunity here."
  - Raj Gollamudi, Blue Stream Ventures

"I think it is both a brilliant and much needed approach."
  - Frank Creer, Zone VC

"I think AngelPool is very exciting opportunity."
  - Richard Fox, Cross Atlantic Capital Partners

"AngelPool is executing a sound business model for early stage venture investing."
  - Jeff Friedman, Pherson Associates

"Thanks so much for the opportunity, I enjoyed it. I also appreciate the work you do for entrepreneurs."
  - Chris Hawkins, SignNow

"Thanks for the opportunity to pitch in front of your groups today. I enjoyed the process."
  - Jeremy Jones, Nitride

"I wanted to let you know about some activity related to Angel Pool. First, the Savannah Angels invited me to apply to their evaluation process. Also, yesterday the Houston Angel Network contacted me."
  - Marcel Crudele, Soket

"I like your teleconference series and appreciate what you are doing."
  - Parrish Ketchmark, RTP Capital

"Thank you again for allowing us to present today. We enjoyed listening to the other presentations as well."
  - Karen Macumber, SproutShout

"AngelPool definitely seems like a fascinating iteration on the traditional superangel funds."
  - Jonathan Weiss, Sandbox

"The feedback from the Angels (is) invaluable. I felt the whole hour went very smoothly and can't see anything operationally that should be done differently from my vantage point."
  - Jeff Kinsey, 1010 MagApp

"Thanks so much for your continued devotion to this entrepreneurial engine!"
  - Stan Keith, Capital Pulse Network

"Wow, what a fantastic line-up. Thanks so much"
  - Graham Lawlor, Ultra Light Startups

"really love the angelpool presentations. Great work!"
  - Benjamin Garcia, Maverick Angels

"Please let me know how we can help spread the word!"
  - Joan Siefert Rose, Council for Entrepreneurial Development

"glad to help out a great org!"
  - Lauren Flanagan, Phenomenelle Angels Fund

"I had read about AngelPool, it's a great concept."
  - Baer Tierkel, Otalo

"I think your efforts to connect angel groups and foster better group management is great."
  - Tom Blum, Central New York Angels

"You are doing a great job!"
  - Barbara Boxer, Women Angels

"excellent, particularly the Angel Panel Webconferences."
  - Jeff Stambaugh, Texoma Angels

"Doing this on a national scale is a great idea."
  - Rod van Sciver, eCoast Angels

"I am impressed with the scope and involvement of members and I enjoy the format of the web conferences. And, wow, what a list of plans!"
  - Bernie Dixon, Advising Angels

"Thanks for ... your hard work in building AngelPool. Looks like things are going great for the org."
  - John Currie, FSI Angel Network

"The AngelPool process (is) easy and effective and I applaud that. I found the experience to be good and efficient in terms of reaching many people. All very positive."
  - Paul Basile, CEO, Matchpoint

"The feedback is great, and the interest from investors is fantastic. I enjoyed using AngelPool very much!"
  - Dan Roy, CEO, MessageGears

"The network of angels you all have set up is very impressive. This is the future of fundraising. I really appreciate everything."
  - David Laborde, Founder, SwiftPayMD

"I have to say the feedback is invaluable. Pitching was great, seamless and easy but the real value is in the ability to see where people clicked and what their questions were. It's really going to help me tighten up the deck."
  - Julian Miller, Founder, Learnmetrics

"Once again, our team thanks you for the opportunity to present to AngelPool's members. We absolutely believe the hour was well used."
  - Bill Malcolm, CEO, Distributive Power Generation

"Nothing but great things to say about angelpool, any volunteers, etc."
  - Simeon Schnapper, Founder, Youtopia

"the speakers, web conferences and other resources are all wonderful."
  - Quinten Messbarger

"cheers for your efforts to network and assist angel groups...they are relevant and useful."
  - Mark Plovnick, San Joaquin Angels

"I really applaud your fantastic work and momentum you have created."
  - Susan Preston, CalCEF Clean Energy Angel Fund

"you are all doing terrific job!"
  - Anne DeGheest, HealthTech Capital

"This looks GREAT."
  - Tim Hoerr, Urbana-Champaign Angel Network

"it is refreshing to see your focus."
  - Valerie Gaydos, Angel Venture Forum

"impressive and ambitious agenda. Kudos to you for pulling all this together."
  - Matt Dunbar, Upstate Carolina Angel Network

"I think you're doing great! Definite value in AngelPool."
  - Terry Jones, ION Seed Capital Fund

"Wow, I'm super impressed ... You're doing fantastic. Congrats on the traction!"
  - Graham Lawlor, Ultra Light Startups

"These look like amazing programs! Congratulations on the progress."
  - Ian Sobieski, Band of Angels

"the schedule looks very ambitious but right on point."
  - Chenoa Farnsworth, Hawaii Angels

"Fantastic. I cannot think of anything you can do better."
  - Geoff Robson, Innovation Valley Angels

"truly quality content!"
  - Randy Thompson, Venture Alberta Angels

"Wow, very impressive program!"
  - Lauren Flanagan, BELLE Capital

"I like the scheduled events."
  - Jerry Bird, MA Technology Development

"Webconferences have been timely and informative."
  - Bethann Kassman, Go Beyond Network

"you're doing great, and we're thankful for your efforts."
  - Michael Petridis, InvestIn Forum of Angels

"You guys are doing great!"
  - John Ricci, US Angel Investors

"You guys are doing a great job and I appreciate your efforts towards this cause."
  - Oscar Moralez, Stepstone Angels

"Thanks for all your hard work"
  - Joshua Watkins, Birmingham Angels

"Congrats on the rapid growth ... as well as the overall process.."
  - Frank Ball, New Dominion Angels

"congratulations on the tremendous growth over the past year."
  - Kip McCoy, The Heartland Partnership

"You are doing a great job."
  - Andrew Feibus, Piedmont Angel Network

"We think you are doing great!"
  - Cindy Thompson, Boynton Angels

"excellent- kudos to you."
  - Sam Klepfish, Tristate Ventures

"thank you for the work you have done on AngelPool."
  - Ray Wenig, Ariel Savannah Angels

"AngelPool is doing great."
  - James Senall, High Tech Rochester

"it is refreshing to see your focus."
  - Valerie Gaydos, Angel Venture Forum

"AngelPool has done an admirable job of bringing relevant content and very interesting speakers"
  - Bruce Goodwin, Midwest Venture Alliance

"Thank you for allowing our group to be part of the "best practice" angel groups in North America."
  - Randy Thompson, Venture Alberta Angels

"good schedule."
  - Glen Herfurth, River Valley Capital

"I think you are doing great! It's a real value add as far as I'm concerned."
  - John Hanak, P3 Alliance Purdue Angel Network

"Good work!"
  - Jody Vanderwel, Grand Angels.

"Thank you for all you are doing."
  - Bud Ward, Shoals Angel Network.

"You're doing great things to assist the angel community."
  - Parrish Ketchmark, RTP Capital

"thank you very much for spearheading the Angel Pool effort. Iíve really enjoyed every web conference Iíve been able to attend. absolutely great!"
  - Tim Early, Hampton Technology Incubator

"you're doing a great job"
  - Nick Flores, Investors' Circle

"I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of this group."
  - Catherine Calarco, MIT Angels of Northern CA

"Very informative & worthwhile. Thanks for doing all this."
  - Gordon Rogers, Past Chair, Atlanta Technology Angels

"The experience was good and I like the feedback for each slide. The process was organized and I would recommend AngelPool to other Founders."
    - Jerry Aguren, Founder, DRI Systems

"The feedback was organized, would recommend other founders do it, really like that we got comments by the end of day."
    - Darren Wan, CEO, Easy Pairings

"We enjoyed participating. I found it to be a terrific use of our time. It was a great exercise that I think will benefit us. The feedback the participants provided is very valuable. Iíll keep you apprised of our progress."
    - Steve Smithwick, President, Teledini

"We found the AngelPool experience to be very helpful and efficiently organized. Thank you for this opportunity, useful feedback, encouragement, and all the good things you do!"
    - Mark Borman, CFO, Sheer Wind

"Thanks for having me on the call. I was impressed at how well organized it was, and just logged in to see the very helpful feedback."
    - Reid Robison, CEO, Tute Genomics

"Thank you for putting together the program and allowing Trenergi to partipate."
    - Norman Strate, Founder, Trenergi

"It was very well organized and I would recommend it to other entrepreneurs."
    - Stephen Andrews, Co-Founder, Abogen

"I very much appreciate your efforts towards facilitating contact between start-ups and angels. This event you are part of has incredible value. The event was organized very well. The collaborative web tech worked really well."
    - Brian Swalwell, Founder, Contractor Tools Online

"The opportunity was a really good experience with practical feedback and I would definitely recommend it to other founders."
    - Pieter Conradie, Founder, RF Solutions

"Incredibly fast feedback! 10/10, would recommend to my friends for sure."
    - Mike Ressler, CEO, StatEasy

"Thanks for the opportunity and, especially for the immediate feedback! I appreciate the work that goes into making that happen. We are delighted that 7 angels have indicated that they would like more information. That seems like a strong response."
    - Ted Schwarzrock, Founder, Super Vitamin D

"I definitely found it immensely useful to present, and the comments that were left are going to be useful in refining the pitch. I'll reach out to the investors that indicated interest tomorrow morning. The interface and process was incredibly smooth and well organized."
    - Gleb Zerovich, CEO, ZPM Espresso

"Thank you so very much. Greatly appreciate AngelPool. It appears to be very effective in facilitating communication which is great."
    - Adam Simon, CEO, Cerora

"Thank you so much, I'm surprised at the response since I felt the presentation didn't go too well but I guess your investors are used to seeing past the superficial issues and finding the gem of the idea and it's value, and for that I'm happy!"
    - Aaron Rollins, CEO, Business Texter

"I want to thank you for the opportunity to present. It was a very interesting forum and concept, and I hope to get more involved with bringing deals and investors to your platform."
    - Marc Alessi, Founder, Synchropet

"I've made some revisions to my investor deck based on the feedback I received, which was VERY helpful. The online format you use for providing that feedback is most effective."
    - Geoff Berlin, CEO, Retrofit America

"Thought the hour was extraordinarily efficient and productive-- was super impressed by its organization, the quality of questions, and usefulness of the feedback. Thanks for making it happen!"
    - Derek Flanzraich, Founder, Greatist

"Thank you for allowing us an opportunity to present to AngelPool. We appreciate the feedback and all you are doing to assist us angel-backed companies raise financing."
    - Nancy Briefs, CEO, InfoBionic

"Thank you for the opportunity to pitch to Angelpool. I enjoyed the chance to reach out to a large group and benefit from their feedback."
    - Don Matheson, Founder, Evaos

"My thanks for including DPR into the wonderful emerging company introduction process. I thought everything was well organized and handled very professionally."
    - Steve Douglas, CEO, CaseReader

"Thank you for the opportunity and the prompt turn around. I thought it was very well organized and would recommend it to others."
    - Beth Donley, CEO, Stemina Biomarker Discovery

"A very productive hour, very well organized, a great concept for start-ups, I would highly recommend Angel Pool."
    - Gary Bonner, Co-Founder, imediaReach

"Very interesting format that was also very organized and easy to follow/participate. I will report back after contacting the interested investors. Thanks again."
    - Jack Snoke, Founder, Optivia Medical

"Thank you for having JibeCast on the call. We found it to be great!"
    - Rich Johnson, Founder, Jibecast

"I found the feedback useful. This was a very well-organized, time-efficient event and a great way to expand our reach in fundraising. I will be following up to those interested and contacting the local groups. Thanks again for an outstanding job in running this event."
    - Mark Eaton, CEO, Stellar Micro

"The system set up, organization and feedback mechanism are really very interesting and for the most part very helpful. Organization was very good. Thanx again. Overall an excellent experience and system. Very innovative and effective."
    - Neal Koller, CEO, PluroGen Therapeutics

"I think it's a very productive approach for early stage companies to gain positive exposure to the angel community. The process was professional and well-organized."
    - Eric Bleke, Founder, CX Technologies.

"Thanks for the excellent AngelPool system and pitch feedback! The session was definitely a very good use of my time. The AngelPool live Q+A and pitch feedback model and angel feedback were very effective and useful means for immediate helpful angel feedback. I highly recommend that other founders seek angel nominations to pitch at AngelPool."
    - George Adams, CEO, ViziApps.

"I received and found the experience to be valuable. I'll review comments, follow up with interested parties and keep you abreast of results. Very much obliged."
    - Tucker Mathis, Founder, FinSync.

"Thank you for the opportunity to present at AngelPool! The concept of web presentation is absolutely cool and I appreciate the great degree of professionalism in managing multi person pitch."
    - Pinaki Saha, Founder, cThru.

"Thank you for the opportunity. This is great feedback and a lot to learn from. I believe what you're doing is great again I appreciate it. I will definitely not hesitate in letting others know about your organization."
    - Osvaldo Rodriguez, CEO, Click a Waiter.

"Thank you very much for the opportunity to present to AngelPool. The feedback is very much appreciated. I will be answering the comments and contacting the people that have shown interest."
    - Nicole Pardo, Founder, Remind Technologies.

"It was a productive process for us. I look forward to digging into the feedback at a deeper level as well. Thanks again for including us. We appreciate the opportunity."
    - Chris Kraft, Founder/CEO, ShareRocket.

"It really was a great experience and use of time. I look forward to reading the feedback."
    - Jeff Josephson, Founder, MeetBall.

"I'm very impressed with the operation and results of today's call, and would definitely recommend it to others. I am pleased that several investors already expressed an interest in DataXoom, and I will reach out to them to continue to explore their involvement. I am very happy to know about AngelPool, as it seems like a great resource for both investors and startups. "
    - John Tantum, CEO, DataXoom (and former CEO of Virgin Mobile).

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