Angel Knowledge Series
    Best Practices in
    Monitoring Portfolio Companies Panel.

    • Angel Investor Forum, Mary Anne Rooke, CT.
    • Angel Venture Forum, Valerie Gaydos, DC.
    • Ariel Savannah Angels, Raymond Wenig, GA.
    • Regional Innovation Organization, Terry Jones, LA.
    • Vegas Valley Angels, Mike Ballard, NV.
    Moderator: Michael Price, CEO Ventures

    Studies show that active involvement after the investment makes a considerable difference on returns and the success of that company. What and how much follow-up is ideal? Come listen to this interesting panel discuss best practices after the investment is made.

    1. Structuring the Monitoring/Assistance.
    a. Choosing whom best to serve/monitor.
    b. Leveraging just information or no rights.
    c. Setting expectations.
    d. Board dynamics at the angel round.
    e. Board issues after VC rounds.

    2. Tools and reports for good monitoring.
    a. Reading between lines within financials.
    b. Planning and milestone report problem indicators.
    c. Other Tools (i.e. SuccessFactors,, etc).

    3. Meetings interaction.
    a. Board meeting Dos/Don'ts/Deliverables.
    b. Planning meeting Dos/Don'ts/Deliverables.
    c. Management meeting Dos/Don'ts/Deliverables.
    d. Impromptu/Walking around pros/cons.

    4. Perceived value of classic assistance.
    a. Sounding board for management.
    b. Helping management develop strategy.
    c. Helping secure additional Financing.
    d. Mentoring management.
    e. Supplying contacts with suppliers, customers.
    f. Assisting with exits and acquirers.

    5. Dealing with problems.
    a. Management and Staff problems.
    b. Compensation problems.
    c. Business model problems.

    6. Exit Dynamics.
    a. Role and how to influence.
    b. Whom leads the evaluation and decision.
    c. Post acquisition issues.

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