Angel Knowledge Series
    Best Practices in
    Board Effectiveness Panel.

    • P3 Alliance Purdue Angel Network, John Hanak.
    • RTP Capital, Elaine Bolle.
    • Maximize Angel Investments, William De Temple.
    • Thunderbird Angel Network, Dr. Robert. Hisrich.
    • Venture Alberta, Randy Thompson.
    Moderator: Michael Price, CEO Ventures


    1. Advisory Boards (when, with or instead of BOD, leveraging).
    2. Avoiding Liability Traps & Suits, D&O Ins ideals and actual.
    3. Bankruptcy Issues (resign or roles).
    4. Board Composition (ideal vs usual).
    5. Communications with other shareholders.
    6. Compensation Committee issues.
    7. Compensation of Directors (ranges and means/mix).
    8. Crisis Mgmt Issues & Deputizing Directors.
    9. Financial Oversight & Audit Committee issues.
    10. Influencing strategy role (and mgt assessment impact).
    11. Lead Director Role & Feduciary Issues.
    12. Liability and Litigation.
    13. Mergers and Acquisitions (how proactive, roles).
    14. Performance Evaluation of Key Execs.
    15. Recruitment of Key Execs role.
    16. Recruitment of Other Directors role.
    17. Succession Planning role.
    18. Other.

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