Angel Knowledge Series
    Best Practices in
    Getting Market Traction: Beating the #1 Cause of Seed Stage Company Failure.

    • Eastern NY Angels, Dick Frederick, Albany NY.
    • Go Beyond Network, Bethann Kassman, Naples FL.
    • Keiretsu Forum, Larry Chaityn, New York, NY.
    • Maximize Angel Inv, William De Temple, FL.
    Moderator: Michael Price, CEO Ventures

    - Getting to the profitable rinse and repeat Nirvana we all seek.
    - Should you be "sales" or "marketing" centric (and which supports the other)?
    - Best to organize by Inside/Outside, Hunters/Farmers, Eat What You Kill?
    - Experience with Centralized vs Virtual Distributed sales or mktg teams?
    - What salesperson profile works best: Grey Hair or Blue Jeans?
    - Industry experience and rolodex vs hard charging go getters?
    - Best sources of great candidates (sls/mktg)?
    - What are current comp plans and creative substitutes?
    - Retention best practices (might need to start worrying again)
    - How quick to fire non-performers (many NewCo deaths). Metrics?
    - CRM and marketing systems experiences/thoughts. Free vs paid.
    - Pros/Cons of Paid vs No Charge Pilots? (and transitioning to fully paid)?
    - Total costs to budget and what can be cut with least consequence?
    - Reasonable salesperson expectations and metrics?
    - Reasonable training practices?
    - Pros/cons/experiences of outside Lead Gen, Marketing and PR firms.
    - Business Development vs Sales.
    - To Demo or not to Demo?
    - If inside sales, scripted or ad hoc.
    - Pricing: High ground, low ground, freemium to premium, and what has worked best lately?
    - Ideas to take friction out of the sales process?
    - When leveraging social media what works best?
    - After taking root, ideas to blossom (upsells, cross-sells, bundling, etc)?

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