Angel Knowledge Series
      Keynote Speaker
      Dr. Basil Peters
      M&A Advisor and Angel Investor

    Moderator: Michael Price, CEO Ventures

    Early Exit Strategies for Entrepreneurs, Angels and Seed Funders.

    1. Why early exits are difficult to master.
    2. Exit rates for angel investments.
    3. Recent historical data on exits.
    4. Types of M&A buyers and motivations.
    5. Triggering big company exits.
    6. Triggering medium company exits.
    7. Triggering PE fund exits.
    8. Alternative buyers such as boomers.
    9. Triggering Family Office exits.
    10. Getting early exits from VCs
    11. Triggering International buyer exits.
    12. Cash available for acquisitions.
    13. Ideal exit timing and dangers if too late.
    14. Dangers: Overinvesting, Negative Momentum.
    15. Riding the wave and strategies if missed.

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