Angel Knowledge Series
    Best Practices in
    Bench Strength: Upgrading Company Leaders.

    • Keiretsu Forum, Nathan McDonald.
    • LaunchFn, Karen Rands.
    • MA Tech Development, Jerry Bird.
    • MIT Angels, Catherine Calarco.
    • Private Investors Forum, Marc Kramer.
    • Walnut Venture Associates, Lucinda Linde.
    Moderator: Michael Price, CEO Ventures


    1. Replacing the Founder: pros, cons and alternatives?
    2. How often does replacing leadership result in a true turnaround?
    3. How to diagnose leader style needed for that company at this stage?
    4. Best replacement sources (in-industry, outside, internal pros/cons)?
    5. Pros and cons of internal replacement if a strong candidate vs external?
    6. Measuring CEO vs market performance, which is the cause of slugishness?
    7. Justified replacement if growth just sluggish or became a lifestyle business?
    8. Other warning signals it is time the board should grab the wheel?
    9. Ideas to reduce loss of business knowledge in a CEO or key leader change?
    10. Ideas to transfer knowledge and experience from the top?
    11. Ideas to calm the waters after the replacement?
    12. How to influence the CEO's management team and should this be done?
    13. Best ideas to renew and recharge the management team?
    14. How to get the CEO to take action on non-performing managers?
    15. How to avoid wrecking (and when should you wreck) the company culture?
    16. Different ways for the Board to assess the management team?
    17. Experience with Assessments and recommendations on which work?
    18. Ideas to improve the talent of the Board of Directors?
    19. Ideas to build or improve the Advisory Board?
    20. Pros and cons of leadership training: how effective and results?
    21. Results from an executive coach for the CEO or key leaders?
    22. Other leadership improvement topics/ideas.

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