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    Angel Knowledge Series
      Keynote Speaker
      Geoffrey Moore
      Author, Advisor and Venture Partner

    "Thoughts on Building and Rapidly Growing Your Portfolio Companies."
    Moderator: Michael Price, CEO Ventures

    Geoffrey is a best selling author on exploiting disruptive technologies and consults with many of the top tech companies in the world. His books include:
    - (latest) Escape Velocity
    - Crossing the Chasm
    - Inside the Tornado
    - The Gorilla Game
    - Living on the Fault Line
    - Dealing with Darwin

    - Market Power: how to capitalize on markets in transition?
    - Offer Power: Leveraging new products to get share?
    - How to get seed/early companies to Execute better?
    - Ways to spot disruptors earlier?
    - Future shape of the tech sector and SV leadership?
    - Offer Power: how to best determine what is attractive without as many expensive failures?
    - How is achieving innovation different at each stage of a company's development?
    - What are your thoughts on the next few years of opportunities and key disruptors?
    - How important is focus for companies at different stages?

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