Angel Knowledge Series
      Keynote Speaker
      Tim O'Reilly
      CEO, O'Reilly media

    "What's Coming in the Next Year & Angel Positioning to Capitalize on These Trends."
    Moderator: Michael Price, CEO Ventures

    Tim O’Reilly has grown his media companies to over 270 employees and focuses on the knowledge of innovators. He has a long history of advocacy and evangelism in the tech community. He graduated cum laude from Harvard College, founded GNN (bought by AOL) which was the world's very first World Wide Web commercial site, the word "Open Source" originated from one of his conferences, and many other firsts as a pioneer tech publisher. He is also one of the founders of O'Reilly AlphaTech Ventures (OATV) which fills the gap between angel and venture rounds.

    - Focusing on real needs to vet early on?
    - Trends: data, video (utube extenders, FB extenders), reality sports, sensors, hardware extenders (square).
    - Be sensitive to magic.
    - Thoughts on built to sell.
    - Spotting earlier those markets in transition.
    - Thoughts on the next big disruptors.
    - Thoughts on crowd-funding and its future.
    - Future of angel and seed investing.

    “The future is here today, its just not evenly distributed yet.”

    "Crowdfunding is the business of pre-commerce, not ecommerce.”

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