Angel Knowledge Series
    Best Practices in
    Working with Accelerators & Crowdfunding: How Angels Can Stay Relevant.

    • DreamIt Ventures, Karen Griffith Gryga.
    • ECS Angels, Charlie Sidman.
    • Georgia Tech, Stephen Fleming.
    • Keiretsu Forum NY Sti-State, Andrew Bogle.
    • Pittsburgh Equity Partners, Ed Engler.
    • Private Investors Forum, Marc Kramer.
    • Tristate Ventures, Sam Klepfish.
    Moderator: Michael Price, CEO Ventures


    1. Angel Engagement with Accelerators (best practices).
      a) Trends, impact, and how to keep abreast of all the new ones opening?
      b) Are they productive to engage with -- quality perspective?
      c) Contacting and volunteering -- common roles and time demands?
      d) Best ways to further engage the good ones with mentoring and funding?
      e) What to avoid when helping an accelerator?
      f) How to help form a new accelerator (focus, partners and leader sources)?
      g) Volunteer levels: general, judging, mentoring, ambassadors, internships, leaders, other?
      h) Role of a mentor -- tips and what works best?
      i) Role helping the startups with the follow-ons needed?
      j) Should you introduce so early to acquirers and other opportunities?
      k) Best run accelerators -- what do they deliver better?
      l) Accelerator's Perspective: What angel involvement is useful, not, what else needed?

    2. Angel Engagement with Crowdfunding (best practices).
      a) Trends, best known ones, and how to keep abreast of all the new ones launching?
      b) How disruptive are they becoming, will they Crowdout those angels just providing capital?
      c) What happens to the quality of due diligence if crowdfunded?
      d) What happens to governance if crowdfunded?
      e) What happens to the follow-ons usually needed if crowdfunded?
      f) Related, what is the receptivity by VCs if crowdfunded initially?
      g) Is the deal flow volume, quality and diversity better or worse than angel group raw applications?
      h) Are angels and groups actively mining crowdfunding site deal flow for their pipelines? Should they?
      i) Predictions on the future of crowdfunding once the numbers (and some abuses) become public?
      j) Pricing threat if local angels' main advantage is awareness and information?
      k) Synergies with angels? (discovery, seeds future deals, control over valuations and exit timing, etc).
      l) Any angel groups starting to use crowdfunding software or similar models?
      m) Future of crowdfunding: what will it look like or evolve to?

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