Angel Knowledge Series
    Best Practices in
    Finding and Investing in Thunder Lizards.

      Mike Maples
      Managing Partner
      Floodgate Capital

    Agenda (Moderated by Michael Price).

    1. What are Thunder Lizards
    2. How to Find Them and Distinctive Traits.
    3. How to Engage and Invest in Them.
    4. Challenge is the discipline to reject the attractive noise.   (good investments that could never grow into Thunder Lizards)
    5. Key Early strategy: identify the very best thought leaders in a segment and meet them to find out what they are up to, their fundamental insights, and who they would invest in.
    6. Thoughts on timing and when to get out.
    7. Thoughts on Hot Sectors: Think differently (identify massive metatech waves such as a Hypernet tech cycle with billions of nodes and millions of clouds, etc).

    Quote: "Don't be the Best, be the Only!"
          - Jerry Garcia, Grateful Dead

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