Angel Knowledge Series
    Profitable Future Angel Segments: Skating to Where the Puck will Be.

  • • Active Angels, Ed Harrell.
  • • Chippewa Valley Angels, Pete Marsnik.
  • • Georgetown Angels, Andrew Romans.
  • • Keiretsu Forum NY Sti-State, Larry Chaityn.
  • • MIT Angels, Catherine Calarco.
  • • Utah Angels 2, Matt Haney.
  • • Moderator: Michael Price.


    1. The Next Profitable Angel Segments/Industries -- panelist thoughts?
    2. Segments/Industries that will likely not pan out or oversaturated?
    3. Best practices on how angels can see more dealflow in future growth sectors?
    4. Macrotrends and their impact on angel investing:
        a) Mobile still booming (what will pervasive 4G+, smartphones and cloud drive next)?
        b) Healthcare/BioTech strongly rebounded: parts to watch?
        c) Will CleanTech recover and any shining lights?
        d) Baby Boomer retirement opportunities?
        e) Online Shopping steady growth opportunities?
        f) Gaming time and revenue steady growth opps?
        g) Cloud services usage steady growth opps?
        h) International Opps as Third Worlds become dominant economies?
        i) Big Data and Social Entrepeneurship.
        j) Energy: Natural gas, fracking and sand mining
        k) Key new sectors/industries worth watching? Social sustainability, big world problems
    5. Best methods of identifying new/future trends?
    6. Planning for lower portfolio survival rates (more startups and fewer venture funds)?

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