Angel Knowledge Series
      Keynote Speaker
      Dave Berkus,   Chairman Emeritus, Tech Coast Angels
    "Best Tips on Extending the Runway and Cashing Out"

    Dave Berkus has achieved 97% average annual returns for over two decades in 108 angel investments. He was the original founder and now serves as Chairman Emeritus of Tech Coast Angels (the world's largest angel group), he has authored three books on angel and startup best practices, and was named Director of the Year by the Forum for Corporate Directors.

    1. Extending the Runway.
    - Building an effective Board of Directors.
    - Building an effective Board of Advisors.
    - How to pay an early stage board.
    2. Planning and Executing a Strong Exit.
    - Valuing the business.
    - Mapping potential buyers.
    - Key elements to have in place.
    3. What Not To Do.
    - Lessons in models.
    - Lessons in dealing with VCs.
    - Lessons in missed opportunities.

    Latest Book: Extending the Runway: Leadership Strategies.

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