Angel Knowledge Series
      Keynote Speaker
      Mitch Kapor
    "Seed Stage Investing with a Social Impact"

    Mitch Kapor founded Lotus and created Lotus 1-2-3, co-founded the Electronic Frontier Foundation; he was the first Chair of Mozilla (Firefox), he was a founding angel in UUNET (now Verizon's internet backbone), first Chair of Linden Lab (Second Life), and angel funded a large number of successful startups such as Twilio, Odeo (Twitter), StumbleUpon, bitly, Uber, Asana, Clever, Class Dojo and many more. As an interesting sidenote he was a key designer of the modern spreadsheet.

    1. Seed stage investing with a social impact.
    2. Gap Closing or Gap Widening?
    3. Examples and Trends
    4. Does it Mean Sacrificing Returns?

    - Future hot sectors in impact investing?
    - Philosophy on investing in Incremental Improvements vs Big Ideas
    - Thoughts on the long haul vs early exits?
    - Privacy rights related to the NSA/Snowden

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