Angel Knowledge Series
      Keynote Speaker
      Gil Penchina

    Gil Penchina is an active angel in over 60 startups that have amassed over $25 Billion in Exits to include Linkedin, Wikia, Fastly, Paypal, Indiegogo, Angellist, Evite, Betzip, Qype, WeHeartIt and many more. Gil is also a prolific angel syndication leader with strong ties to the venture and angel communities. He was formerly the CEO of Wikia, the GM of International at eBay, and started his career at General Electric. Gil is an alumnus of the University of Massachusetts Amherst and Kellogg at Northwestern University.

    - Testing AngeList viability (NewCo Example).
    - Driver: The fear of being left out.
    - What worked
    - Who is in the AngeList audience?
    - What should one do to optimize attention/funding
    - What are Syndicates on AngeList?
    - How do Syndicates work on AngeList?
    - Thoughts on the process and how to best leverage?

    - What kind of carry will the market bear?
    - Is the market overheated?
    - Still mostly rely on own/referrals sourcing or pendulum swung?
    - Thoughts on future hot sectors?
    - Philosophies on board seats and time with management?

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