Angel Knowledge Series

  • • Brad Zielinski, Family Media Angels.
  • • Chenoa Farnsworth, Hawaii Angels.
  • • Ellen Weber, Robin Hood Ventures.
  • • Liz Marchi, Frontier Angel Fund.
  • • Michael Blake, StartupLounge.
  • • Paulo Andrez, EBAN President.
  • • PJ Pronger, West Texas Angel Network.
  • • Steve Schlenker, DN Capital.
  • • Moderator: Michael Price.


    A. Building Your Referral Network.
    1. Key local law firms.
    2. Local family offices.
    3. Key local CPA firms.
    4. Other angel groups/members.
    5. Other local angels.
    6. Successful local tech co founders
    7. Accelerators/Incubators, Universities, Government groups.

    B. Regional and National Networks.
    1. AngelList (anyone can list but popular fundings with experienced funders identified).
    2. Gust (startups can pay to be listed but trusted referrals good).
    3. FundersClub (better screening is improving the quality).
    4. AngelPool (many fundings being led by other trusted angel groups).
    5. Investors Circles (for impact startups).
    6. Crowdfunding for Accredited Investors: i.e. WeFunder.

    C. Publicity to Create a Magnet.
    1. Articles on invested companies citing you invested.
    2. Articles on successful exits citing you invested.
    3. Speaking at tech/entrepreneur/business conferences/events.
    4. Posting and coverage of your group's upcoming meetings.
    5. Participating in public/private events which sponsor business competitions.

    D. Event Magnets.
    1. Associations meetings (,, etc).
    2. Local Startup/Entrepreneur events.
    3. Local university tech/entrepreneur events.
    4. Venture and tech events.
    5. Host educational events on startup how-to's.
    6. Host a BizPlan Pitch Competition and get word out.

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