Angel Knowledge Series

  • • eBay, Larry Roseman
       Senior Director, Corporate Development.
  • • Electronic Arts, Mike Foley
       Senior VP of Corporate Development.
  • • Intuit, Andrew Westergren
       Chief Strategy and Corporate Development Officer.
  • • Twitter, Anne Phan
       Principal - Corporate Development.
  • • Moderator: Michael Price.


    - Thoughts on Strategics in Early Rounds (Benefits, Impact on Valuations, etc)?
    - What makes for an attractive acquisition if still earlier stage?
    - Best way to approach strategics or make them aware? (and best to approach the BU or Corp Dev)?
    - How do you typically source deals (most to least frequent)?
    - Likes/dislikes/thoughts if a bidding process will be run?
    - Ideas on bridging valuations and what seems to work?
    - What is open to negotiation and what most commonly kills besides valuation?
    - Other typical hangups and snags in reaching an agreement?
    - Due Diligence: What really matters to strategic acquirers?
    - Any advice to minimize the tax impact on the original investors and leadership?
    - What should the leadership team expect in the onboarding process?
    - What seems to work best in blending corporate cultures?
    - Common future outcomes of the team at the acquirer?
    - Types of early metrics and expectations after the acquisition?
    - Earnouts: rarety in tech or what is sometimes seen and how measured?
    - What are some typical things that go wrong during or post acquisition?
    - Success stories when all goes well and traits that tend to drive the good ones?

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