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What is AngelPool?

AngelPool is the largest organization of angels and accelerators in the world. Our mission is to help angels, accelerators, and funds find and invest in the best tech disruptors and founders globally to drive jobs, innovation and growth. Over 95% of the top 200 angel groups are members ( List) as are most accelerators representing the majority of top angels in North America who share knowledge, deals, best practices and learn from each other. AngelPool also hosts a national syndication network to help top angels properly capitalize the best startups which have raised over a half Billion over the last 3 years ( breakout).
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"Cheers for your efforts to network and assist angel groups...they are relevant and useful."
  - Mark Plovnick, San Joaquin Angels

"glad to help out a great org!"
  - Lauren Flanagan, Phenomenelle Angels Fund

"I really applaud your fantastic work and momentum you have created."
  - Susan Preston, CalCEF Clean Energy Angel Fund

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